Lanarkshire Community Justice Authority has quarterly Board meetings.  Within those meetings both North and South Lanarkshire produce “Quarterly Community Payback Order Reports”. 

These can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

2016                   2016                    2016                 2016

March                 June                   Sept                 Dec

NLC                      NLC                    NLC                   NLC

SLC                     SLC                    SLC                  SLC         

2015                    2015                    2015                    2015

 March                 June                   Sept                   Dec         

 NLC                    NLC                     NLC                     NLC

 SLC                    SLC                      SLC                     SLC


2014                      2014                   2014                   2014

March                   June                  Sept                   Dec

NLC                      NLC                    NLC                     NLC

SLC                      SLC                    SLC                     SLC


2013                      2013                   2013

June                     Sept                   Dec

NLC                      NLC                    NLC

SLC                      SLC                     SLC