Lanarkshire Community Payback Orders - (CPO's)

In February 2011, the Scottish Government introduced Community Payback Orders (CPOs).  The CPO replaced Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Attendance Orders.

Courts can impose one or more  requirements as part of a CPO  - these are varied and can mean for example, that an offender obtains services to help with alcohol problems, mental health and or addiction issues.  The unpaid work and other activity  requirement is also used extensively in the Lanarkshire area which local communities benefit from in a variety of ways.      

If a Court finds an offender guilty of breaching the CPO the Court can discharge the order; impose a custodial sentence; vary the requirements within the CPO, including imposing a Restricted Movement Requirement  or impose a fine in addition to the existing CPO. 

This pack provides focused, key points, for each of the requirements.  The pack may be of value to you if you are a: Criminal Justice Social Work Practitioner; Justice of the Peace; Lawyer; Procurator Fiscal; Sheriff or work in the Third Sector.

The pack also crucially highlights the responsibilities of Local Authorities; offenders; sentencers and resources required to provide service.

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